May. 5th, 2017

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Please read this post before you consider the convenience of carrying out ANY dental treatment and before you choose the dentist who should carry it out. This post may save your life. Read more... )
Please be advised that the great majority of dentists (even self proclaimed experts in TMJ disfunction) do NOT have experience with this sort of neurological symptoms and skeletal imbalances and instability. They do NOT understand the relation between neurological symptoms, cranial collapse and dental occlusion.

That is due to the fact that traditional mainstream dental school teachings are based on an oversimplified model (the articulator model) that considers the skeletal relation of skull bones and cervical vertebrae as FIXED and INDEPENDENT of dental occlusion. Read more... )
The great majority of dentists do NOT understand and have NO experience of complex occlusal issues, NOR the relationship between occlusion, posture, skull stability and neurological disorders. Read more... )
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