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Видео на английском. Полтора часа. Про научные исследования здоровой диеты.

Совсем коротко: жир необходим, в том числе насыщенный. Мы потребляем слишком мало. Главная проблема с профилактикой сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний - углеводы, особенно фруктоза (как следует из названия, содержится в больших количествах во фруктах) - тот же механизм метаболизма, что и у этанола, только голова не пухнет.

Объясняется механизм образования пивного живота и жирной задницы. - статья на эту тему.
Fructose, but not starch or its component sugar glucose, causes insulin resistance, elevated serum uric acid (think gout and kidney stones), poorer blood glucose control, increased triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in animal studies and controlled human trials. All of these effects relate to the liver, which clearly does not like excessive fructose (or omega-6 oils). Some of these trials were conducted using doses that are near the average U.S. intake. The effect seems to compound over time both in humans and animals. The overweight, the elderly and the physically unfit are particularly vulnerable. I find this pretty damning.

Drs. Johnson and Segal recommend limiting fructose to 15-40 grams per day, which is the equivalent of about two apples or one soda (choose the apples!). They also recommend temporarily eliminating fructose for two weeks, to allow the body to recover from the negative long-term metabolic adaptation that can persist even when intake is low. I think this makes good sense.
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